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Product Code: GG-PLB-3651

STRONG & DURABLE: Our belts are made from stiff and durable material for great back support. Comes with Heavy stitching on black suede lining inside and out keeping the belt from sliding on the torso mid-lift- allowing you to lift heavier and safer for years to come!

PROTECTS FROM BACK INJURIES: Keep your back straight and safe with this belt. Our strong weightlifting belts are useful for reducing stress on your back and keeping your posture stable/upright while you lift and squat which can prevent hyperextension.

COMPETITION SAFE: 10mm belts are USAPL and IPF Compliant. Our belts do not have any tacky logos. They have no foam, neoprene, velcro, glue or plastic inserts!

Please use size guide to order the correct size. Belly (NOT pant size): Small 24"-30", Medium 28"-34", Large 32"-38", X-Large 36"-42", XX-Large 40"-46"

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