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Weightlifting Grip Straps

Product Code: GG-WGS-4301

GAF Patented and adjustable for any size wrist. Features comfortable neoprene padded wrist support of over 3 inches in length to fully support and cushion your wrists during intense weight lifting and exercise to avoid injury. Non slip grip removes grip fatigue and protects your palms from calluses.

Superior gripping surface makes workout gloves obsolete. These grips are superior to old school grips that were too stiff to wrap around the bar. The absolute best workout lifting straps and wrist support all in one. Great for heavy lifting and hitting personal records

Comes with a carry pouch to store and carry to the gym. Takes seconds to set up and easy to adjust the tightness or looseness of the wrist support pad. Greatly improves grip and ability to lift heavy without having to worry about exhausting your hands in the process

Does not slide across the bar or slip due to sweat or moisture. These workout grips are flexible take the stress off of having to grip the weights and make it easier on those who suffer from tendonitis. These grips allow you to do more reps, use heavier weight and make pullups a breeze

Flexible grips let you feel one with the bar while getting optimal grip as well as enhanced wrist support. You will be able to lift heavier weight without wreaking havoc on your wrists. They are super durable and very comfortable to wear. Smell proof material will not cause the straps to smell after multiple uses due to hand sweat

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